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The Sex Toy Industry has a Dirty Secret

Ever wondered how to get rid of your sex toys? Do you put them in general waste? Or in recycling? Perhaps you've stumbled across this blog because you are trying to find out what to do with your sex toys.

Well, look no further but it isn't good news, and this blog tells you why...

Sex toys come in a variety of plastics or processed natural materials. Though many plastics are recyclable (for more in depth info, follow this link), because sex toys are made from a variety of materials, they cannot easily and therefore cheaply, be recycled. In short, if you have a rampant rabbit, anything duel core, or you can clearly see that there are multiple materials on the surface, then no matter where you put your toy, it will end in landfill.

We've tried to tackle this ourselves, but we're short of the minimum £100,000 required to do the research and development. The R&D is so high because of how complex sex toys and accessories are; look at your milk carton or yoghurt pot, all made of one material. Pringles cans are notorious for not being recyclable as they are made of metal, cardboard and plastic. Sex toys are essentially the same- except not many folk are lobbying sex toy manufacturers to change their practises.

We'd also be the first company to develop the ability to recycle sex toys in the world, (we sincerely hope we are wrong about this) and therefore the ability to hook into existing recycling mechanisms just don't exist. In fact, it is why we set up Lore. If we can prove to the business world that a viable business can be created and sustained retailing sex toys and accessories that adhere to clear and transparent ethics, amazing. If this business becomes so viable that we complete the R&D to revolutionise what happens to sex toys, I shall die a happy lady.

BUT! What about other toys that aren't made of plastic I hear you ask?

Well, glass and 100% metal toys can be recycled- hence why we stock them.

Yeah, but what about silicone? Silicone is a highly recyclable material, we have biodegradable vibrators that have core's made from recycled silicone, but no local authorities in the UK accept silicone- so whether it's a much loved 9 inch dong, or silicone muffin tray it will all end up in landfill.

So, why do we stock it? Well, firstly it is better for your body than some plastics as it is non-porous and therefore doesn't harbour bacteria. Secondly, it is extremely durable so, if you care for those toys, they'll last for decades. Finally, we hope that one day, in the not too distant future, we'll have saved our pennies and developed a way to recycle dildos, vibrators, whips, beads, cock rings etc, in the UK, (no matter their composition), so you and our planet can reap the rewards!

As always, thank you to all our customers. Each purchase you make contributes to us raising the capital to develop a recycling mechanism for the sex toy industry.

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