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Biodegradable Vibrators

It was watching a programme about recycling (it was lockdown) that started the idea of Lore.

Vibes can't be recycled (we've covered this in previous posts) but since we started up, mid-pandemic, the number of biodegradable vibrators has grown by 300%. Now, just to be clear, this isn't hundreds of brands, a mere 1 to 3 but we feel that this is a great direction that the industry is heading in.

We're very proud of our Natural Pleasure range and were utterly delighted to discover Gaia- particularly as both brands are perfectly priced. Now, don't get us wrong, if you're a Lelo gal these might not cut it in the chic design front but nothing is cooler than doing good for our planet whilst doing good to yourself.

We've also started the process of working to gain our B-Corp status- this means we're ethical financially and culturally whilst working with our suppliers to ensure they follow these rules. Once we've gained our full status we shall shout it from the top of a tree. In the meantime, you our wonderful horny ethical customers show us that you want your #pleasurewithoutcompromise

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