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Our Story

It all started with the question of why...

Why are there not organic lubricants?

Why can we not purchase biodegradable condoms?

Why is it so hard to work out what is and is not safe for my body? 

Then why became where...

Where can we responsibly dispose of toys?

Where can we buy sexy lingerie that is sustainable?

Where can we go to purchase intimate products that are ethical?

Of course, we found answers to all of those questions, pioneers and innovators across many industries but, to find them all took many hours of research so, we asked ourselves "What can we do to make this easier?" and The Lore of Change was forged. 

The Lore of Change, like our name suggests, is about reinventing the story of sex. Not the basics, we hope you have those covered, but everything surrounding those mischievous ideas and how to make it just that little bit more satisfying... Sex is a state of mind and we know if any of those little niggles interrupt, well, it can stop the erupt...

So, wordplay aside, we're committed to ethical, sustainable products so you can get back to doing you, or whoever else - we don't judge -  because, when you're in the moment, nothing else should be on your mind.

Our Commitments

We will always tell you:

Where something is made

What social or sustainable commitments each brand has

What can be done with the packaging

What is the products life is after you've finished loving it 

All of our toys are selected by material and for their quality. We offer a one year guarantee and the part of the product which touches your intimate areas is made from body-safe (read non-porous) materials.


We will also let you know:

What body-safe material a product is made of

Whether it is vegan and/or cruelty-free

Whether ingredients are natural and/or organic.

We are committed to improving cruelty-free, body-safe and sustainable practices throughout the adult toy and accessories industry, and work with our suppliers to improve our offering- we're excited to be having so many positive conversations with distributors and producers and will proudly share progress as and when achieved.

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