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Lockdown 3.0

I don't know about you but this lockdown feels like it's dragging. Like the long eighteenth century or some other period in history where it looked like folk didn't quite have their shit together and now students have to look at the preceding 30 years to try and understand why (not that any scars are being carried from GCSEs or anything...)

Anyway, the point is that the hardest part is not knowing when it will end and this got us thinking about sex (obviously) and how the media portrays an ending of any *ahem* session. To avoid any terrible puns, ultimately everyone finishes, often with an expulsion of breath or satisfied writhing on a bed and that seems like the goal, right, to get to the end, to bask in the glow of le petit mort.

But what about the journey to get there, the joys within the undulations of pleasure that make time warp either faster or slower? Quite often sex toys seek to promote the ability to deliver O's but maybe, like us, you know there is a difference in the quality of those O's and that you can reach a plateau that is as satisfying or perhaps even more so than the O itself.

So we looked at our selection anew, and began to wonder, which of our toys or accessories enhanced the journey? We thought about the harnesses which are a stunning example of the mainstreaming that BDSM now enjoys, and how they could be worn throughout the day to feel empowered, sexy, sensual. Then we inhaled a couple of the massage candles and focused on the memories or sensations they evoked. Finally, we thought about the lubes and rolled a few between our fingers to access viscosity, wondering if the one we thought felt best today would feel the same tomorrow.

And it was the wonder about tomorrow that made today more enjoyable. I know, I know, mindfulness teaches us live in the present but if the present ain't all that great, why not bask in the promise of tomorrow to enhance the pleasures of today?


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