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Sex: The Ultimate Lovers Guide - Judy Bastyra

Sex: The Ultimate Lovers Guide - Judy Bastyra


Sex is one of the most important aspects of human life, and this book has been developed to provide an accessible, easy-to-use manual that will give absolute confidence and assurance, to answer all those questions you have had on your mind but have lacked the opportunity or boldness to ask. It is designed to help all potential lovers to overcome any anxieties, to understand what stimulates partners, and to attain the fulfilment of pleasure in loving relationships enhanced by the excitement and erotic enjoyment of physical sensation. With chapters on the excitement of flirting and the joy of massage, as well as detailed descriptions of sexual positions, this book will accompany you through a sexual journey of pleasure from the first buzz of attraction to the full exploration of a long-term relationship. Sensitively photographed throughout, this authoritative book puts the sensuality back into sex.

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