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Romp Wave

Romp Wave

  • Ergonomic lay-on vibrator
  • Flexible and made out of soft material
  • 10 vibration modes in 6 speeds, 4 modes
  • Waterproof
  • Includes a USB charging cable



A perfect fit for every vulva!
Slim, ergonomic lay-on vibrator with 10 vibration modes in 6 speeds and 4 modes. The vibrator's upside is shaped like a wedge that slightly spreads the labia so the clitoris can sit on top of the vibrator. The Wave is waterproof and very flexible which means that it always sits at the perfect spot. Includes a USB charging cable.

Complete length 11.6 cm x 5.3 cm x 3.4 cm. Silicone.

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  • Specifications


    Length: 9.5 cm

    Diameter: 2.2 cm

    Weight: 97 g

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