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RELEAF Condoms (x9)

RELEAF Condoms (x9)


Here at The Lore of Change we adore RELEAF condoms and here's why:


SAFETY: RELEAF condoms are made by a long established manufacturer and meet the strict ISO quality standard required for sale in the EU. Every single condom is individually electronically tested.


PLANT A SEED: Trees clean the air, absorb CO2, provide habitat and food for animals, prevent erosion and droughts and that's why a tree is planted for every condom you buy. RELEAF partner with Eden Reforestation Projects and are directly responsible for planting over 74,000 trees.


THIN FEEL: ~55µm thickness gives you and your partner the closest feeling as you can get to wearing nothing. And your nose will be thankful for the very discreet fragrance masking the typical latex smell.


VEGAN: RELEAF do not use casein, a milk protein commonly used in the processing of Latex and are therefore completely free of animal products and are not tested on animals.


FAIR: These condoms are produced under fair conditions; the employees are paid above average. RELEAF are also committed to fairer conditions in raw latex cultivation.


Finally, all RELEAF condoms are made in a 100% Solar Powered factory in Germany.

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