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Nuei Prolong Pleasure Gel

Nuei Prolong Pleasure Gel


Prolong pleasure and delay gel for men.

Forget about worrying for finishing too soon, with PAUSE you decide how long you want to last.

PAUSE is a water based delaying gel with an exclusive formula which is easy to absorb and very efficient. Its exclusive formula contains clove that desensitizes the area where it is applied. Use PAUSE for longer pleasure and longer satisfaction.

Suitable also for anal sex, PAUSE combined with INLUBE or INLUBE Silicone sliding gel helps relaxing the anal zone thus favouring anal penetration, providing an extra degree of essential lubrication for greater enjoyment.

Created in Spain, NUEI products are based on natural ingredients, without parabens, without gluten or sugars. They have been developed without any animal cruelty and are 100% vegan.

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