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Maze Halter  Harness

Maze Halter Harness


The MAZE collection is inspired by bondage combining classic erotica with the latest catwalk trends. It promises to turn your bedroom upside down and to empower yourself! Harnesses, chokers and handcuffs that can be used in and outside your intimacy. Discover your spirit animal! This collection is 100% wild and 0% animal, PETA approved vegan. Vegan leather arrived to your life and now is conquering your bedroom too!


This bra frames your breast and cleavage. Try it over a sheer top with pasties or under a white button blouse revealing just a little bit of it, this harness is always the right fashion choice. Secret tipOver your bare skin #freethenipple reaches a whole new level.

Measurementslower chest Min 72cm (28.35 inch) - Max 90 cm (35.43 inch)



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