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HANX Condoms

HANX Condoms


Get it on with our signature ultra-thin, lubricated, clean scented, biodegradable and 100% natural Fair Rubber condoms.


SAFETY: HANX condoms are verified by the CE mark and undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum safety. Condoms are a reliable protection but no contraceptive can protect 100% against pregnancy, HIV and/or sexually transmitted infections.


SUSTAINABILITY: HANX has reduced energy consumption, chemical load, and waste. Their production has a waste water treatment and compared to plastics, rubber articles degrade very quickly.  The outer boxes are made from recyclable cardboard. For now, HANX condoms are wrapped in foil, as a medical device they need to stay fresh but thay are always looking to improve sustainability and are open to new advances in packaging- we will keep you updated! 


THIN FEEL: Condoms don’t get much thinner. HANX are only about 0.05500000mm thick. Struggling to picture how thin that is? Same. To use a very topical analogy, it’s roughly the width of one lonely, little pube.


VEGAN: Yep! HANX condoms do NOT contain any animal by products such as casein (often found in other condoms) and we are officially certified by The Vegan Society.


FAIR: These condoms are produced under fair conditions in Germany; the employees are paid above average. HANX are also committed to fairer conditions in raw latex cultivation.



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